1. Jerome Pacman

    Jerome Pacman has been in the house game for a pretty long time ! For more than 20 years, he's been digging and sharing true house music and ...

    Jerome Pacman
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  2. Grego G

    Combination of several styles, from house to techno, Grego G is a dancefloor killer, his vinyls ' groove as favorite weapon !

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  3. jef k

    Jef K is a true Parisian house veteran. Rocking through years and beats, he founded the now classic label Siver Network, and his groove now joins the ...

    jef K
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  4. Leo Pol

    Young French genius, Leo Pol produces deep and elegant lives, with that exquisite micro-house influence he has.

    Leo Pol
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  5. Psykoloco

    His heavy knowledge of sounds gives him precious & deep skills on productions & on turntables, from micro house to house, like the perfect ...

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  6. Yegoh

    Fine selector form Paris with a huge bag of crazy vinyls, with Arpiar and Perlon as main influences, Yegoh is back, still more powerful and full of ...

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  7. Donarra aka Elysee

    Exquisite elegance, deep purity and sense of rythm at its finest, Donarra aka Elysée is a live genius.

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  8. Boyus

    Young parisian selector, Boyus is a House dealer, digging tracks from outer space, his mixes vinyl only are like stories of groove ...

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